Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Helping Others Dream Bigger

Recently, Foundation 4Life® made a $25,000 USD donation to the Team Rentería Baseball Academy. Edgar Rentería, Team 4Life member and World Series Most Valuable Player (MVP), founded this organization in Barranquilla, Colombia to educate kids on social risks in their community, provide a positive and rewarding sports environment, engage children in baseball to keep them off the streets, and focus on the pursuit of maximizing individual talent. More than 400 kids in Colombia take part in activities in the academy.

We are honored to be affiliated with someone like Edgar, who pursues excellence both on and off the baseball field. He recognizes, like so many of you, that all the financial success in the world can mean so much more if you can share your good fortune with others. Because Edgar has achieved his dreams through baseball, he wants to help give disadvantaged kids the same kinds of opportunities.

4Life products and the 4Life financial opportunity can help each of you achieve your dreams and find freedom—whether it be health freedom, financial freedom, time freedom, or even freedom from fear or barriers. And, as you achieve your own dreams, you can share some of your good fortune with those who may still be struggling. It could even be something as small as making a $5 monthly Foundation 4Life donation to help kids around the world create better futures for themselves.

We are so thankful for the many ways in which you reach out to people in need and support 4Life service efforts all over the world. 4Life distributors are kind, generous, and compassionate—and we're so proud to know you!

 We're proud to be associated with Edgar Rentería.

2010 At the Heart of It award winner Benito García Míguez loves making a difference in the lives of children.