Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Amazing Growth in Australia and New Zealand

We will never forget our first visit to New Zealand and Australia. We were so impressed with the passion and kindness of the distributors we met there. The people "Down Under" are known for their entrepreneurial and adventurous spirit and we have witnessed firsthand that spirit in our Australia and New Zealand distributors. As they fulfill the mission of Together, Building People, the people "Down Under" are truly putting 4Life on top.

Australia and New Zealand were two of the first global 4Life markets and during 2011, this region is celebrating its decade anniversary. Sales for Australia, New Zealand, and the emerging market of Papua New Guinea have been phenomenal in recent months. In July 2011, combined sales for both markets were over 50% higher than July of 2010. Plus, rank advancements in July were up 160% throughout the region!

We're especially grateful for the leadership of Australia/New Zealand General Manager Evelyn Thom. She said, "Although we represent 4Life's first international region of business, our distributors continue to break records by sharing the latest science, technology, and 4Life's proven opportunity with others. I am very proud to support the field in everything they do."

David and Bianca congratulate International Diamonds Barry and Sue Blake while on a 2002 trip to New Zealand.

David and Bianca enjoy the beautiful scenery of New Zealand.