Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Give the Gift of 4Life

 Share the gift of 4Life products with others!

'Tis the season for giving! We can't think of a better gift to give family members and friends than one our great 4Life products. It's a wonderful way to introduce someone to all of the benefits that 4Life has to offer. One of our personal favorites is a box of 4Life Transfer Factor® RioVida Burst® Tri-Factor® Formula wrapped up in festive paper and tied with a ribbon. With its fun delivery system and delicious flavor, RioVida Burst is a good way to introduce someone to the powerful effects of 4Life Transfer Factor®.

Plus, there are probably plenty of people on your list who would enjoy the gift of soft, smooth skin with our newly repackaged enummi® Skin Care products. The new enummi® Life C Energizing Serum makes a great stocking stuff. Through December 31, you can purchase three enummi Life C Energizing Serum and get one free! Visit to take advantage of this special offer.

The holiday season is also a wonderful time to reach out to those less fortunate than us. With the 4Life Fortify® nutritional program, you can give the gift of a nourishing meal to a child who might have gone hungry otherwise. What a way to give the gift of life... with 4Life! We have told many of our colleagues that if they want to give us something this Christmas, we would consider a donation to our 4Life service initiatives the best gift of all.

We hope you will give the gift of 4Life this holiday season. Best wishes!

Visit to order your enummi holiday set.