Wednesday, January 18, 2012

4Life Freedom Singers to Perform at Convention

The 4Life Freedom Singers perform together.

We are so pleased to announce that the 4Life Freedom Singers will be performing in Philadelphia at Convention 2012: Passport to Freedom. This is a music ensemble of people from Germany, Russia, Switzerland, France, and the United States. We were so moved by their inspiring "We Live 4Life" video that we wanted to have them perform new songs at convention that represent our Passport to Freedom theme.

It's been said that the most powerful music and art is that which comes from the artist's passion to communicate themes that are important to him or her. When we met band leader Helge Zumdieck and the 4Life Freedom Singers, we understood that their music is so powerful, in part, because it is born out of a deep love and gratitude for 4Life. Hearing Helge tell his story of how "4Life saved his life" and "gave him life" is as inspiring as the stirring music he has written about our company.

"I was introduced to 4Life by International Diamond Ángels Muñoz Estape," remarked Helge. "At the time, I was in desperate need of health support. 4Life products provided phenomenal results. And, I became really excited about the opportunity for financial freedom that 4Life offers."

"Knowing that I was songwriter, Dr. Ángels Muñoz asked me if I would ever want to write a song about 4Life," commented Helge. "I was already deeply moved by the way in which 4Life has changed the lives of so many people, the fascinating story of 4Life Founders David and Bianca Lisonbee, and the phenomenal support that 4Life products provided for my family and me. I love to express my emotions and gratitude through music, so I became passionate about creating music that would match the spirit of 4Life."

"Last summer, we got the chance to perform privately for 4Life executives in Hamburg, Germany," said Helge. "Performing our songs and spending precious time with executives is something we will never forget! We were deeply touched by their warmth, spirit, and energy. Because we love what 4Life offers to the world, we felt a deep gratitude to share our emotions with the executives."

We can't wait for our distributors to hear this amazing group. It's an experience you will never forget!

4Life executives and the 4Life Freedom Singers pose together for a photo.