Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Spotlight on Gold International Diamond Manuel Koh

Congratulations to Manuel Koh, the first Gold International Diamond from the Philippines! This is such an exciting achievement for Manuel, his organization, and the entire Philippines market. Thank you for all your hard work, Manuel!

I believe thoroughly in what 4Life® has to offer. This is a company that helps people achieve their dreams. The executive team and distributors alike spread a message of hope. I am grateful to be a part of the 4Life family and I'm thrilled to have achieved the Gold International Diamond rank.

I share the 4Life message with people in the Philippines, especially those who are burnt out by negative experiences with other network marketing companies. I educate them about 4Life, a good and legitimate company that can help them achieve their dreams and aspirations. By building my business, I hope to promote success and wellness in the Philippines and around the world.

A true leader mentors others, attends trainings, and treats his downline distributors with kindness, love, and care. Also, a leader makes sure his group members get all the assistance, counsel, and guidance they need.

I believe that the key ingredients for building a 4Life business are dreams, determination, a burning desire to achieve success, a positive mental attitude, and a desire to move past negative aspects of life. My dreams help motivate me to look for ways to improve my group strategies. Because of what I have accomplished, many people in my group have also become successful. And that has helped me achieve greater success.

Gold International Diamond Manuel Koh