Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Celebrating Blessings

Recently, we visited Platinum International Diamonds Ileana and Hugo Johnson in California to interview them for their upcoming spotlight in Summit magazine. It was such a joy to be in their beautiful new home and visit with them and their five children. Their house is a dream—right on a lake and they have their own dock and boat. Hugo even took us for a ride and let David drive the boat!

The best part of the visit was hearing their 4Life® story and learning how 4Life has provided the means for them to overcome many obstacles in their lives. And now, they want to help empower others in the same way they have been empowered. We loved seeing how their whole family is involved with 4Life, and their children have such inspiring stories as well.

Sitting there in that beautiful setting, enjoying a wonderful meal together, celebrating their blessings, and thinking that maybe we were a small part of helping to bring about this success was truly a bit of heaven. Moments like these drive us all to keep sharing what we have with the entire world. The Johnsons are truly the kind of people that represent the best of the 4Life family!