Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Going "Home" to La Casa Rosada

Some people say that home is where the heart is. It always feels like going home when we visit La Casa Rosada. That place never ceases to amaze me, with its spirit of love, gratitude, and happiness.

Last month, David and I had the privilege to visit La Casa Rosada, along with President and CEO Steve Tew, our daughter Service Coordinator Jenna Lisonbee, and several high-ranking distributors. The children greeted us in costumes. As I sat down, a darling little girl in a lovely yellow dress climbed onto my lap. She kept her arms around me throughout the entire dance performance. She melted my heart. Then, as we've done on past visits, we served the children fried chicken for lunch. They always get so excited for this!

We loved speaking with David Guillén and Aneurys Pérez, two young men who are attending college at Universidad Católica, thanks to scholarships from Foundation 4Life®. When we arrived in the Dominican Republic and went through customs, we saw Aneurys, working in an official capacity as an immigration officer! He looked so happy and handsome, and so proud to help us. And David looked equally wonderful when we met with him at La Casa Rosada. Their level of gratitude to everyone at 4Life was something that I will never forget. In fact, David said to us, "4Life Transfer Factor® gave me health. 4Life gave me hope."

La Casa Rosada Director Sister Josephina said that she believes those involved with 4Life will be blessed for the good they have done for these children. Thank you, 4Life®, for making it possible to do things we could never do alone. When I hear the words Together, Building People®, I will see in my mind the individual faces of these handsome young men, who have the most precious thing any of us could ever desire—a future.