Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Precious Children in Asia

Recently, 4Life® Service Director Tracie Kay and our daughter, Service Coordinator Jenna Lisonbee, embarked on a multi-country service trip to Malaysia, Japan, Indonesia, and the Philippines. 4Life staff members and distributors in this region have taken on a personal role with service projects that make a real difference in the lives of children, families, and communities. Jenna had such a wonderful time on this trip and really grew to love the children they visited. Below are a few of her experiences.

It was such a special experience to go back to Sousei House in Okinawa. I have been able to see these children not only grow taller, but also progress in their talents and educational skills. One boy named Yoshizumi was so excited to see us again. He took my hand and showed me around the house, pointing out his artwork and introducing me to his new friends. He also made sure that we watched him complete his special job. He was assigned to separate the long plant leaves used to make beautiful good luck charms that the children create to sell at a local museum. It was a pleasure for me to see Yoshizumi and the other children at Sousei House as they continue to learn and progress.

Jenna spent a great day with Yoshizumi and other residents at Sousei House in Okinawa, Japan.

For the past three years, Foundation 4Life® has helped make it possible for Bea and four other students to attend school. What a wonderful experience it was to visit with her on our trip. And, she's now moving on to junior high school! The day that we visited with Bea and her mother, she had just completed and passed her exam to attend seventh grade. She was so excited! One of my favorite things about Foundation 4Life is that we get to see children like Bea all over the world follow their dreams. And, we are right there with them to help them accomplish great things.

Bea and her mother are grateful for the educational opportunities provided by Foundation 4Life.