Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Spotlight on New Gold International Diamonds Leo Gito Simbara Ujung & Desiree Hellene

Congratulations to new Gold International Diamonds Leo Gito Simbara Ujung and Desiree Hellene from Indonesia! They have gained a confidence in 4Life® and they are proud to share it with others. Well done!

At the beginning, I was skeptical about network marketing. But my passion to have my own business made me dig deeper into the 4Life business opportunity. After I learned more about 4Life Transfer Factor® and the business opportunity through my upline distributors, I concluded that 4Life could help me achieve time and financial freedom.

Because of 4Life, I have time to take my daughter to and from school. I can play with her and help her with her homework. I have started to make my dreams come true. I purchased a new house, enrolled my daughter in a new school, bought a new car, and donated money to people in need.

To achieve the Gold International Diamond level, you need to focus, have strategies for short and long-term planning, apply the strength of a support system, duplicate their efforts, and uphold the value of honesty. Be positive, sincere, helpful, and work to do things in the right way.

Through this achievement, I can inspire more people to duplicate the things I have done. I can encourage them to build their businesses so that they can experience the same feeling of accomplishment. A leader is someone who helps himself and then helps other people. He must work to change the lives of the people he leads.

Gold International Diamonds Leo Gito Simbara Ujung & Desiree Hellene