Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Four Million Meals and Counting!

Since the launch of the 4Life Fortify® nutrition program, we have donated four million meals in ten countries, but there's so much more we can do together. We hope to donate five million 4Life Fortify meals by Convention 2015. With your support, we know we can reach this goal!

4Life Fortify helps support kids' overall wellness and drastically improves their academic capabilities. Every bag of 4Life Fortify changes lives—beyond just filling bellies. And, when you donate 4Life Fortify, you strengthen the life of a child, and you strengthen your business! We are so grateful for 4Life® distributors all over the world who support children in need with the same passion and commitment with which they build their businesses.

Recently, we launched the Fortify a Life marketing campaign, and even started a series of Fortify a Life challenge videos to invite distributors to donate 4Life Fortify with their monthly product orders.

Get involved today and help us donate five million meals by Convention 2015. Take the Fortify a Life challenge and get your team involved now!

Click below to watch other #fortifychallenge videos. Then, make your own!