Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Special Service Guests at Convention 2015

It was wonderful to welcome two Foundation 4Life® ambassadors for Convention 2015—Bea Blanca Flora (age 13) from Rizal, Philippines and Mercy Martínez (age 12) from Jardines del Norte, Honduras. Everything was new to Mercy and Bea, including the language, food, weather (they saw snow for the first time!), electricity, and clean, running water. During their stay, the girls visited an amusement park, an aquarium, historic Temple Square, a mall, a pool, and restaurants.

This trip was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for both girls to speak on behalf of their friends to an audience of 7,000 people. Both girls created valuable awareness of the need for continued support to impoverished communities around the world. Through the experience of learning about a new country and culture, Bea and Mercy formed bonds of friendship and love.

During the Recognition Gala, Bea announced the 2015 At the Heart of It award recipient. As she watched her daughter through tears of joy, Bea's mother Odessa said, "This is such an emotional moment for me. I'm very happy and proud of Bea. It means the world to me."

It was also fantastic to watch Mercy on stage in the final general session. Mercy was nervous but determined to represent the children from her community. Mercy spoke from her heart with confidence. She said, " I have a dream to be a doctor. When I get older, I would like to help others like you do." The audience loved it!

Many distributors mentioned how inspiring it was to see these girls on stage sharing their dreams. Both Mercy and Bea came away from convention feeling loved, special, and committed to fulfilling their dreams. And Foundation 4Life will be there every step of the way!