Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Spotlight on New Gold International Diamonds Choi Suk Yoon & Park Im Ja

Congratulations to new Gold International Diamonds Choi Suk Yoon and Park Im Ja from South Korea! They have attended seminars and training meetings throughout their 4Life® journey. What a great way to learn and grow as you achieve your dreams!

Before I learned about 4Life, I had a negative perception about network marketing. However, I read a book about the industry and got reliable information about 4Life Transfer Factor® from employees at Global Headquarters. Five years later, I joined 4Life and began building my business.

I gradually came to trust in 4Life and the power of 4Life products, especially after my wife experienced great health support. I was also deeply moved by the leadership and service examples of Platinum International Diamonds Dr. Jase and Dr. Jinsun Khyeam and Gold International Diamonds Grace Chun and Lee Sun Woo.

I am always inspired when I attend 4Life lectures and business seminars. Making attendance a priority has motivated me to build my business on a much larger scale. I have focused on developing key leaders within my organization. I am especially dedicated to helping my business partners reach the International Diamond rank.

I believe that leaders should always remain humble, and offer real support to their team members. Leaders don't push their opinions on others, but rather, set a good example and stay considerate of differing circumstances.

My Gold International Diamond achievement means that I am closer to realizing all of my dreams. Now, I stand poised to accomplish much more in the next stage of my 4Life journey.

Gold International Diamonds Choi Suk Yoon & Park Im Ja