Wednesday, December 16, 2015

New 4Life® Manufacturing Facility

We are thrilled about the brand-new 4Life Manufacturing Facility! A few weeks ago, 4Life executives and general managers from around the world gathered for a ribbon-cutting ceremony at the new building in Vineyard, Utah, about 20 minutes south of 4Life Global Headquarters.

Just like all of you have dreams, this facility has been a dream of ours for many years! It includes state-of-the-art packaging, encapsulation, and blending capabilities. It uses many pharmaceutical manufacturing-based processes. And it gives us start-to-finish control over the manufacturing process for many 4Life Transfer Factor® products. This facility will fulfill our growing needs in the future!

We are so excited about what this means for the future of 4Life science. As an industry leader in the science of supplementation, this facility will guarantee quality and customer satisfaction for years to come. Thank you for all you have done for 4Life to help make this dream a reality!

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