Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Spotlight on Platinum International Diamonds Grace Chun & Lee Sun Woo

Congratulations to new Platinum International Diamonds Grace Chun and Lee Sun Woo from South Korea! Their commitment to 4Life® products and the business opportunity is truly inspiring. Well done!

We struggled financially before we were introduced to 4Life, even though we both worked hard at our jobs. We felt like we were far away from enjoying a great lifestyle, and we never went on summer vacations because we were so busy. I learned about 4Life from International Diamond Tina Kang. After we experienced great health support with 4Life Transfer Factor® products, we began telling others about 4Life.*

I always share 4Life Transfer Factor products and the business opportunity with people I meet. Others people see our success, and they want to join 4Life as well. Our success has inspired others to trust us and sign up with 4Life. Serving people has helped me succeed, and it has given me a sense of the true meaning of life.

During Convention 2010, I was inspired when I watched two boys from La Casa Rosada receive Foundation 4Life® scholarships. That night, I shed tears as I committed to use my success to provide a new life for isolated and underprivileged people.

The Platinum International Diamond rank is just the beginning of my dream. Now, I enjoy financial freedom and time freedom. Our family's dreams are coming true. We hope to help our son and daughter reach this rank, as well as our leaders in South Korea.

I believe that 4Life leaders should be true and honest. Second, they should encourage their business partners to keep their passion and vision high and create an environment that nurtures that atmosphere. Third, leaders should frequently hold training meetings to come up with successful strategies.

The 4Life journey can change your life and the lives of your family members forever. Chances don't wait. Grab this chance and don't let it slip away. Don't give up and keep working with consistency and persistence. Anyone can achieve greatness!

Platinum International Diamonds Grace Chun & Lee Sun Woo

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