Friday, April 10, 2009

4Life Transfer Factor® really works!

About a year ago, we were asked to speak at the Brigham Young University Marriott School of Business about our experiences when we started 4Life. Of course, we could not tell the 4Life story without also talking about the amazing immune system power of 4Life Transfer Factor.

After we concluded our presentation, a couple approached us. They began telling us about their search, along with several of their family members, for a product to support the immune system. This couple had tried everything they could find. We answered the questions they had about 4Life Transfer Factor and encouraged them to try it.

Last week, while attending Brigham Young University's annual business conference, this same couple approached us again. They let us know that they had been using 4Life Transfer Factor products for the past year and had experienced great support. In face, they had determined they always wanted to have 4Life Transfer Factor in their house.

Once again, we were reminded of the opportunity and obligation we have to tell the world about these products. They really work! And because they provide such great support, we also have one of the best financial opportunities available to build a business through sharing the products... and build other people's lives in the process.

We feel so fortunate to have effective products rooted in solid science, a dynamite opportunity for financial success, and the chance to give service to others as we share 4Life with people around the world.