Friday, April 24, 2009

Are you ready for illuminate '09?

We recently took a look at statistics for our upcoming illuminate '09 convention in Orlando, Florida. We're so excited to report that:

4400 distributors have pre-registered.
52 countries will be represented.
4 languages will be officially translated.
250 4Life employees worldwide are coming to participate.
9 children will travel from La Casa Rosada to join with us.
Several new products will be announced.
$50,000 in cash will be given away.

And much, much more!

What awesome statistics! Our hearts go out to all of you who have made sacrifices to attend, and we promise you that illuminate '09 will be worth it! As they say (and sing) in Disney World®, "A dream is a wish your heart makes." By making the commitment to attend illuminate '09, we know that your dreams will be much more than just a "wish" and you will be given the tools and inspiration to make your heart's dream come true. We look forward to seeing you in less than two weeks!