Friday, April 17, 2009

A Dream Come True

The children at La Casa Rosada help celebrate at the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

This past Tuesday was truly a dream come true for us. It was a day which reflected so well the power of 4Life science, success, and service. That afternoon, we attended the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the beautiful addition of La Casa Rosada orphanage in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, made possible in part by the vision and generosity of so many of our 4Life distributors.

As we toured the beautiful facility, we thought back to when Sister Carmen Veiga gave us a tour in the very early days of the construction. As we climbed through mounds of dirt and debris, Sister Carmen pointed out with great enthusiasm her vision of what each area would look like. All we could see was rubble, but Sister Carmen could see with an "eye of faith" the details of her dream. Our Credendo Vides Award is presented at each 4Life convention. Credendo vides literally means "believing is seeing" in Latin. It is when we truly envision our dreams that we can bring about what we desire.

As we thought about the beautiful children at La Casa Rosada—their gratitude and excitement on the day of the ribbon-cutting—we were reminded once again that the new addition is just a symbol of what we are truly building at the orphanage... people. At 4Life, we are in the dream-construction business, and together, we are building people. Sometimes our dreams may appear to be in rubble. Because of set-backs and disappointments, we may only be able to see the ruins of past dreams. If you ever feel this way, please remember that at 4Life, we're committed to helping you believe in the beauty of your dreams, and seeing them through to fruition.

At La Casa Rosada this week, we witnessed the power of what we can accomplish when we work together. Also on Tuesday, we attended a 4Life opportunity meeting with over 1200 people. We saw how these people are utilizing the 4Life products and opportunity to accomplish their own hopes and dreams. We challenge you to envision your 4Life dream in all its details, and together, let's make it come true.