Friday, March 5, 2010

Convention 2010 Will Be BIG

We often hear people ask, "What is the secret to success?" If there was one thing you could do to increase your chances of being successful, what would it be? Of course, achieving success is about much more than making one single choice or taking one single action. But, if we had to choose one thing that would help a 4Life distributor on the road to success more than any other one thing, it would be this:

Come to BIG Convention 2010, September 8–11 in Salt Lake City, Utah.

We cannot think of any one choice you can make as a 4Life distributor that will have a longer lasting impact on your ability to succeed more than the choice to be a part of convention. We are still benefiting from so many of the things that we have learned at past conventions. We are still riding the wave of enthusiasm that can only be felt by being present at these events. We are still enjoying the warmth of love and friendships that can only be forged while experiencing convention together.

BIG Convention 2010 is going to be our best one ever! How can we say that? Because 4Life is bigger and better than ever! We challenge you to do whatever it takes to make sure you are in attendance. We know you won't regret it. And we promise you... it's going to be BIG. It will be BIG for your business. It will be a BIG part of your personal growth and development, and it will be BIG fun for all of us to be together again.

Visit to register, read details about the agenda and hotel accommodations, and plan your BIG convention weekend!