Friday, March 26, 2010

Rise to New Levels of Greatness

Here in Italy, people tell a story called, "The Egg of Columbus." The story goes that after Christopher Columbus discovered the New World, he spoke with a group of noblemen who told him that if he had not done it, someone else would have eventually. They were trying to diminish the greatness of what he had accomplished. Columbus then supposedly reached for an egg and challenged them to stand the egg on its end on the table. None of them could do it.

Columbus then proceeded to take the egg and gently crack one end of it, flattening it out enough so it could stand on its end. The noblemen immediately responded that they could have done it. Columbus responded that yes, they could have done it, but they didn't. It is easy to accomplish a feat after someone else has already done it, but how many take the initiative to do it first? And how many take advantage of the experience and knowledge of another to learn for themselves?

4Life is full of egg-cracking innovators who are finding ways to do what others thought could not be done. But the great thing is that we can learn from them! At BIG Convention 2010, we will have the opportunity to see how others are taking their businesses to unprecedented levels, and how, with just the right information, you too can do the same. You will also be inspired to use your own creativity and insight to help you "set your egg on end" and figure out new and better ways to overcome any challenges you may have. Be Inspired to Greatness is this year's convention theme. Columbus did it and so can you!
"The Egg of Columbus" by Antonio Boggeri, 1933