Friday, June 4, 2010

Your Personal Pursuit of Happiness

Many of you have probably seen the acclaimed film, The Pursuit of Happyness, starring Will Smith. Had we not known it was based on a true story, we would have had a hard time believing that someone could overcome such challenges. And not only was he able to overcome great challenges, but he triumphed over them.

Of course you know that the person who lived this real-life story is Christopher Gardner. We have the singular opportunity to hear Christopher Gardner share his story with us at BIG Convention 2010 this September. We believe that hearing Christopher's story will be life-changing for everyone in attendance.

Christopher Gardner succeeded against great odds. As you watch the movie, you can't help but ache for the trials he faced. However, because of those trials, he is truly qualified to give us a message of substance and depth on how each of us can overcome obstacles in our personal pursuits of happiness.

Can you imagine the positive energy and power of a convention that features someone like Christopher Gardner, not to mention the many 4Life distributors and leaders who daily inspire others to achieve their pursuits of happiness? It will truly be memorable. We look forward to learning from Christopher Gardner and learning from you.

One important thing that we all can learn from Christopher is to make the most of opportunities when they present themselves. We hope you take advantage of the great opportunity in front of you—BIG Convention 2010. We truly believe that attending convention will provide all of us with a phenomenal chance to pursue our own paths to happiness.