Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Finding a Home with 4Life

Most of you know that we are serving a mission for our church in Milan, Italy. A big part of our assignment has been to start a center where young single adults can come to socialize and find inspiration. It has been a wonderful experience for us and we have met some great young people. Recently, a young man came to our center. He is studying with an extension program for his university in Miami, Florida. He doesn't speak Italian and felt pretty homesick at first. He became fast friends with the young people at the center, including Italians, Peruvians, Americans, Hungarians, Brazilians, and more. He said that he really felt at home.

It was a good reminder that all of us need to feel like we belong to a family. We all need a support group. It also reminded us that this kind of friendship can extend beyond cultures and language barriers. As 4Life leaders, you bring people and cultures together. You help provide a safe and secure environment in uncertain times through the 4Life opportunity. You help "homesick" people find a home with 4Life. At 4Life, we are committed not only to providing the best products on the planet, but by Together, Building People, we can give everyone in the 4Life family a place of support and friendship. With 4Life, you can always feel at home!