Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Platinum International Diamond Dream Stories: Jeff and Michelle Altgilbers

Jeff and Michelle Altgilbers

Jeff and Michelle are two of the most passionate 4Life distributors. They have worked hard to build a global business. Their enthusiasm is contagious and they are the kind of people who make friends with people they meet all over the world. We encourage everyone to get to know them. They are both very talented musically and have a beautiful family. It is a pleasure to spotlight them!

I initially started developing my 4Life business over 12 years ago after my previous career as a small-business owner fell apart. As I began looking at other options, I considered a network marketing business. I knew people who had made some serious money with it. I decided it was the only way I was ever going to get back on my feet financially.

I had heard about 4Life from some former colleagues, and also spoke with my friend, Platinum International Diamond Dave Daughtrey. After hearing good things about the products and learning more about Founders David and Bianca Lisonbee, I decided 4Life was the right company for me.

Since I couldn't afford a phone, my sponsor was gracious enough to give me a cell phone. I couldn't get any reception in my house, so I would drive up to a farmer's field to make phone calls, spreading my notes out on the hood. I was three months behind on my car payment and even had the electricity in my house turned off. My business grew as I spent time traveling to countries such as South Korea, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, China, Taiwan, and India.

When it comes to being a leader, it's not about you; it's about your team. Having good character is one of the most crucial aspects of being a leader. You need to be someone who keeps your word, follows through, and is dependable. I strive to remain committed to my team's success and let my distributors know I care about their businesses.

4Life has given me the chance to focus on family. In the beginning, I was taking care of the immediate needs. But as a result of my travels, I met Michelle and that really changed my life. We now enjoy life together in Tennessee with our children Micah, Alexander, and Arthur. I also have a grown daughter, Julia, who lives in Georgia. The most important thing I enjoy now is our family life with our children.

If you maintain your passion, amazing things can happen. I am grateful for the 4Life opportunity and for the many wonderful things I have experienced while sharing the 4Life philosophy of Together, Building People.