Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Our Worldwide 4Life Family

One of our favorite aspects of 4Life conventions is recognizing achievements. We would love nothing more than to applaud you for everything you do each day to build your 4Life business and share this company's message with people everywhere.

The theme for this year's Recognition Gala is One World One Family. We think this perfectly fits the way we feel about 4Life distributors. Over the past 12 years, our 4Life family has grown from just a handful of people in our Utah living room to hundreds of thousands of distributors throughout the world. We love the way you have embraced the 4Life philosophy of Together, Building People through science, success, and service.

Even more than that, we think it's wonderful that so many distributors have gone one step further, creating a family atmosphere within their 4Life organizations. We truly do think of the people who make up the worldwide 4Life distributor force as a family. Even though our numbers grow with each passing month and year, we continue to be bound by the science of 4Life products, the success achieved by 4Life distributors, and the service each of you provides on a daily basis for others.

We can't wait to join with you at BIG Convention 2010 for the Recognition Gala. Through music, culture, dance, and above all, recognition for achievements, we will cherish our differences and celebrate what we have in common. We truly are a family. One World. One Family.