Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Edgar Rentería Scores with 4Life

Several years ago, International Diamonds Joel and Jennifer Martínez introduced the 4Life opportunity to future Presidential Diamonds José Sánchez. José, in turn, decided to share 4Life with his good friend Edgar Rentería—shortstop for the San Francisco Giants, five-time All Star winner, and two-time Gold Glove recipient. Edgar and José met many years ago in Florida when they were both pursuing professional baseball careers. Throughout the years, they kept in touch. When José became a 4Life distributor, he wanted to share it with his friend Edgar. José showed Edgar the Success from Home magazine and talked about the freedom that he could find with the 4Life products and opportunity. Edgar was interested and signed up right away.

Over the past few years, Edgar has shared the 4Life products and opportunity with many people, including his mother who lives in Colombia and his Giants team members. In fact, Edgar believes so much in the power of 4Life products that he chose to become an athletic endorser on Team 4Life®. Last week, the San Francisco Giants won the World Series. Edgar batted an astounding .412, with two home runs and six runs batted in during the series. He even secured the World Series with a three-run homer in the seventh inning of Game 5. Edgar was named the World Series Most Valuable Player after the game was completed.

What a wonderful series of events that all started because a few caring and motivated distributors shared the 4Life opportunity with others!

Edgar Rentería's recent success in the World Series is also a great reminder of the caliber of people who are attracted to 4Life products—people who recognize the great support our products can provide. While 4Life Transfer Factor® products won't necessarily make you a better baseball player, Edgar recognizes, as we all do, that 4Life products can support your health and help you feel and do your best. We are so happy for Edgar and we're proud that he is one of our Team 4Life members. Congratulations, Edgar! Congratulations as well to José Sánchez and Joel and Jennifer Martínez! And, congratulations to all 4Life distributors!

Edgar Rentería with 4Life Founder and CEO David Lisonbee and 4Life President Steve Tew