Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Build Things that Last

Milan Cathedral

This is a picture we recently took of the Milan Cathedral called the Duomo. It is very impressive. It took 400 years to build and has 135 spires, 150 gargoyles, 1100 internal statues, and 2300 external statues. Seeing the Duomo is a reminder to us that some things are truly built to last. Most of us live in a world of "instant" everything—instant breakfast, instant pudding, and instant gratification. Can you imagine working on something for many years and then never seeing the finished outcome?

In business and in our personal lives, we have found that it is worth taking the time to build things that will last. Often, this means that you need to take fewer shortcuts. Sometimes, merely taking 15 more minutes a day to do follow-up phone calls can make the difference. Or, perhaps you could hold one more meeting a month to help make sure your leaders put into place the right foundations for their organizations. An observant teacher once said that the difference between a C grade and an A grade is usually only 15 extra minutes of study time a day. We challenge you to evaluate your 4Life business. Are you building instant organizations and looking for instant success? Or, are you taking the time to build something that will last? Take that extra 15 minutes every day to build better relationships, a stronger family, and a more fulfilling life.

Stained glass window in the Milan Cathedral