Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thank You!

We want to tell all of you how thankful we are for you and all that you do. We love the tradition in the United States of setting aside a special day to give thanks. This year, that day is Thursday, November 25. We think it's interesting that the word for "thanks" in Italian is "grazie," which comes from the word "grace." To be in a state of grace is to be in a sacred or holy state. When our hearts are full of gratitude, we truly are in a blessed condition.

We'd like to take this time to tell each of you how grateful we are for 4Life. From the very beginning, we have felt like this has been a blessed endeavor. We feel blessed to have 4Life Transfer Factor® products. We feel blessed to have experienced such great success, especially now when so many companies are struggling. We feel blessed to have the most dedicated and talented management team in the industry. And, we feel so blessed to have the greatest group of enthusiastic, dedicated, and generous distributors in the world. Together, we are truly building people. Thank you for making this dream possible for us.

Grazie (Italian), Gracias (Spanish), Danke schön (German), Arigato Gozaimasu (Japanese), Spasibo (Russian), or in whatever language you choose to say it, the words "thank you" are two of the most important words in any language.

Thank you!