Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Spotlight on Gold International Diamonds Renaldo and Lymari Sánchez

We're very happy to spotlight Gold International Diamonds Renaldo and Lymari Sánchez. They have worked so hard to build their successful business, including moving all the way from Puerto Rico to California. Congratulations, Renaldo and Lymari!

When I learned about 4Life, I was studying and working at a movie theater in Puerto Rico. My future wife Lymari was working in the pharmaceutical industry. Even though we both had jobs, we realized that we might not be employed in a month. We decided to enter the network marketing industry because it can offer financial security.

4Life has helped me reach my goals. Because of my 4Life business, I was able to quit my job, buy my first car, and buy a penthouse. Lymari has also been able to quit her job. And, we built my mother the house of her dreams.

A few years ago, we moved to California to take the 4Life message to the Latin community in Los Angeles. Thanks to the decision we made to build a business in this area, many lives have changed. Families have been able to support their health and better provide for themselves financially.

4Life offers the opportunity to take blessings to people, which is why it's so easy to share with others. We love to talk about our own 4Life story, and how 4Life helped change our lives 100%. 4Life is a unique opportunity that won't come around again. It's a train that comes by just once. All you need to do is dream and put your dream into action. 4Life is the right company with the right products and compensation plan to help you attain every goal you have in mind.

4Life means that we can take blessings to everyone around us. 4Life is much more than a business. It's the opportunity to change lives. Once people's lives have been changed, they can continue carrying blessings to others. This fills our hearts and for that we thank God each day.

Renaldo and Lymari Sánchez