Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Spotlight on Gold International Diamond Son Jae Min

As one of our pioneer distributors in South Korea, Son Jae Min has worked tirelessly over the past several years to build his business and support his downline all over Asia. Thank you for your hard work, Son Jae Min!

I was introduced to 4Life by Platinum International Diamonds Jeff Altgilbers and Dave Daughtrey. I was involved with a different company at the time, but I was impressed to learn about products based on science that could help support the immune system. It's fantastic that 4Life can lead the market with such cutting-edge products.

To achieve success in network marketing, you must be involved with a company that has good products, good marketing, reliable corporate executives and customer service, and a good partnership with distributors. 4Life is the company that has all of them.

I travel up to four days a week to support and educate my local downline members. I also provide training with Internet webcasts and hold face-to-face meetings with my team members. One of the great advantages of network marketing is that even though your business starts out as a small plant, one day it can grow into a big tree. How? The answer lies in duplication.

Anyone who works hard can become a Gold International Diamond. I want to help other distributors this rank, which will in turn help me achieve Platinum International Diamond. This kind of mutual assistance is key to succeeding with 4Life. I feel great pleasure and pride in knowing that I am helping people support their health and happiness. Of course, I am also happy to witness the health support experienced by my family because of 4Life products.

I have a dream to expand my 4Life business to all of Asia. I want to continue building my business until people throughout Asia know about 4Life Transfer Factor® products and the 4Life financial opportunity.
Son Jae Min