Wednesday, April 20, 2011

New Platinum International Diamonds at Powered by Platinums!

We just returned from the amazing Powered by Platinums event in Anaheim, California. It was phenomenal to hear from several of our Platinum International Diamonds and learn from their vast knowledge and expertise. It was also wonderful to see so many of you for the first time after serving our mission in Italy. We loved having the chance to see you in person, recognize your achievements, and thank you for your dedication to 4Life. We love our distributors so much!

During the event, we announced our newest Platinum International Diamonds, Ángel Molina and Ivelisse López of Puerto Rico! How fitting that this announcement was made at an event that spotlights our Platinum International Diamonds and helps others realize that they can also reach this prestigious goal. It was like being at a conference about parenting and having the birth of a new baby occur!

We are so thrilled for Ángel and Ivelisse and congratulate them on this high achievement. They are truly an inspiration to others. Even though they have experienced the kind of discouragement that so many distributors do, they never lost sight of what was possible. They learned from leaders who went before and helped show them the way. Congratulations, Ángel and Ivelisse!