Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Spotlight on Gold International Diamond Dionny Recio

We are so thrilled about Dionny Recio's recent Gold International Diamond accomplishment. We always knew that her passion, enthusiasm, and dynamic leadership would bring great success. Congratulations, Dionny!

I decided to enter the network marketing industry to become an independent businesswoman and enjoy the perks of residual income. When I was introduced to 4Life, I immediately saw the possibilities of the financial opportunity. I am thankful to God that I chose 4Life as the financial vehicle to achieve the lifestyle that I enjoy today. My life has done a total turnaround. Thanks to the decision I made, I have been able to influence other lives and bring faith and hope to many people so that they can fight to make their dreams come true.

I am happy to know that I've achieved the Gold International Diamond level. I am thankful to God, 4Life, and my entire team for their commitment in reaching this goal. I share the 4Life opportunity with others by telling them that this is the best company—a company whose growth has been sustained by values and by serving and changing lives. Don't lose focus on the final goal. Have clear dreams. Be loyal, honest, and consistent. Show enthusiasm, have faith, and be persistent until you reach your goal.

Focus on your dreams because they are the only things that can sustain you along the road to success. Discover what you want to accomplish with this opportunity and study the nature of network marketing. Above all, learn about the Life Rewards Plan, which was created to help people achieve fortunes and make their dreams a reality.

There are many things that help motivate me in this business, but the most important one is the chance to identify potential in other people, help them build their lives, and contribute to their freedom.

Dionny Recio