Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Run for Your Life

A local educator here in Utah tells a story about a time in his youth when he loved to run track. It was his dream to be a runner. He performed very well until one of his coaches belittled his ability and told him he would never be a great runner. So, he quit. He gave up his dream. Years later as a young adult, this man was doing some volunteer service work in a different country where he rode busses to get around. He was working with a young man who happened to be one of the fastest runners from his state back home. They were late for an appointment and saw the bus they needed to take, but it was quickly fading from sight.

They both started running as fast as they could. As they caught the bus, they young man realized that he had outrun the star runner next to him. The star runner said, "Wow you are fast. You should have been a runner." As the young man reflected on this, he realized that he had allowed someone else to steal his dream. He had allowed someone else to determine what he was able to achieve or not achieve. He decided he would never let that happen again.

One of the greatest things you can do is to determine for yourself how you will accomplish your dreams. The best way to do this in 4Life is to make the decision to be at the 4Life international convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, April 18–21, 2012. At convention, you will be surrounded by great "runners" who will encourage you to run your race to the best of your ability. Don't let anyone or anything keep you from believing in your dreams. Decide today that you'll make the commitment to be in Philadelphia with us. Watch for details on how to register for convention in the July/August issue of Summit magazine. Let's run this race together!