Wednesday, June 15, 2011

You Did It Again!

Sometimes people ask us how business is going in the midst of a difficult economy, fully expecting us to say that things are slow. But 4Life is not just another business. Month after month, we continue to post record-breaking growth and sales.

Throughout the recession, 4Life distributors have maintained momentum by refusing to allow difficult circumstances to limit their success. We are thrilled to report that the month of May also broke new records for us. Whenever we look at the growth statistics of the company, we know that every increase in numbers translates into more people whose lives are being blessed through the 4Life products and the financial opportunity, and the great leadership of our distributors.

When we launched 4Life in 1998, we were committed to Taking Transfer Factor to the World®. Since that time, 4Life distributors all over the world have done just that. Today, people in more than 50 countries can benefit from what 4Life has to offer—what you have to offer. And, our global corporate team is committed to empowering distributors as they continue to share our products, opportunity, and philanthropic mission.

Congratulations! We know we have only just begun in our mission of Together, Building People. There are even more exciting things to come!

Look at all these 4Life distributors enjoying the fruits of their labors on Great Escape+ trips!