Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Steve Tew Authors Article for Direct Selling News

4Life President Steve Tew recently authored a "Top Desk" feature article in Direct Selling News, the world-leading trade journal for the direct selling industry. What a great opportunity for 4Life and Steve as well! Steve wrote about our Direct Selling Association (DSA) membership and how this relationship benefits 4Life distributors.

Here are some of the topics Steve covered in his great article:

—4Life's participation in DSA-driven lobbying efforts to support the direct selling industry
—Our involvement as a Platinum Sponsor at the DSA Annual Convention and work on several DSA committees
—4Life's participation in various media and service opportunities, such as our corporate appearances on the TODAY show
—4Life's membership in 12 different international DSA organizations
—Our partnership with the Direct Selling Education Foundation (DSEF) to educate the public about the benefits of direct selling

We are proud to be long-standing members of the DSA and we do all we can to protect the longevity and integrity of the 4Life financial opportunity for our distributors worldwide. As Steve stated in the final paragraph of his article, "Not only are we in the 'person-to-person' business, but we're in business with family and friends. As such, it's vital that we support the ongoing efforts of the Direct Selling Association and conduct business in ways that honorably reflect our membership."