Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Visitors at the 4Life Home Office!

Recently, Presidential Diamond Idalí Moreno from Arizona visited the Home Office, bringing 30 members of her group with her. It was wonderful to see their enthusiasm and spirit. They were all very passionate about 4Life and our mission of Together, Building People. It was especially nice to see several children in the group—a wonderful reminder that 4Life is all about building people and strengthening families.

Idalí Moreno first heard about 4Life when she was searching for an effective health product for a family member and a new financial opportunity for herself. She believed that 4Life was the perfect fit for her family. Idalí recognizes the importance of staying committed to her dreams and she teaches her team members to build their businesses with curiosity, confidence, courage, and consistency. Thank you for visiting with your group, Idalí, and keep up the great work!

Bianca welcomes Idalí Moreno to the 4Life Home Office

David, Bianca, and Idalí Moreno's group at the Home Office