Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Helping Children Create Powerful Lives

A young girl is excited to try 4Life Fortify at the Philippines donation event in April 2011.

Have you ever had to skip a meal? For one reason or another, we have gone without breakfast, lunch, or dinner on many occasions. It doesn't take long before hunger pangs kick in and anticipation grows, wondering when we will eat again. It is hard to imagine a life in which hunger is the normal state and not the exception. Thanks to the big hearts and generosity of our 4Life family members, we are helping bring delicious and nutritious meals to children who know hunger on a daily basis.

Since the launch of 4Life Fortify® in September 2010, 4Life distributors and employees have worked together to help feed hungry children. Together, we have provided 4Life Fortify meals to children and their families in Honduras, Ecuador, the Philippines, Costa Rica, Mexico, the United States, the Dominican Republic, and Pakistan. And, we are currently preparing other countries to receive shipments. We are certain that each of those meals was greatly appreciated and enjoyed by the child that consumed it.

At the last count, we have provided 1.4 million 4Life Fortify meals to deserving children and their families. This is an amazing number, but who can really quantify the influence for good that even one child can have when she has the tools she needs to break out of the cycle of poverty, gain a good education, and be a good example for others in her community. With 4Life Fortify and the continuing programs that 4Life service and its partners provide, we can truly help children create powerful lives.

It is wonderful to be partnered with you in this effort. Like we have always said—together, we can do things that we could never do alone.

 4Life Fortify tastes great!