Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Believe in Freedom

Recently, while we were traveling on a road trip, we listened to the audio version of Seven Miracles that Saved America by Chris Stewart and Ted Stewart. We were astounded by the fact that the establishment of the United States as a land of freedom was greatly threatened at one time, and on multiple occasions would have failed completely had it not been for the seemingly insignificant actions and courage of a few people who did what they believed, regardless of opposition and criticism.

As we reflected on people such as George Washington and Abraham Lincoln whose greatness is known today, we were struck with the realization that people did not regard them as great while they were in the middle of doing great things. In fact, they were highly criticized by many. Isn't that so often the way life goes? Frequently, it isn't until we have perspective to look back that we understand that greatness in our lives really consists of making a lot of good choices. Greatness is about consistently trying to do what we think is right for ourselves and those around us—often in the midst of opposition and challenges.

Convention 2012: Passport to Freedom is being held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania—a city that celebrates choices made by people who didn't think they were so extraordinary at the time. They were just ordinary people, but they believed in something that they knew was greater than them. They believed in freedom. Make your choice to believe in freedom, too, and join us in April to celebrate the freedom that building a 4Life business can bring. We know you will look back and recognize the greatness of this particular choice.

Please join us in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for Passport to Freedom!