Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Next 4Life Family Reunion

Recently, our family celebrated the marriage of one of our children. Occasions such as these are a wonderful opportunity to take part in a joyous event, gather all of the family members together, and renew those all-important ties that bind us to each other. In our case, it was also a great chance to update the family portrait, particularly with loved ones living far away.

In the 4Life family, we also have an opportunity coming up to celebrate in this same way—our international convention. It really will be a great 4Life family reunion. It is a time to celebrate all that is good in 4Life and recognize the great achievements of 4Life family members all over the world. And, it is also a singular opportunity to connect with one another, renew cherished friendships, and develop new ones. And who knows, maybe we will get to update our 4Life family portrait as well.

The Lisonbee family at daughter Megan's wedding in September 2011