Wednesday, March 7, 2012

2012 Great Escape+ Trip

Last week, we attended the Great Escape+ trip in Las Vegas, Nevada. Normally, our busy schedules don't allow us to attend these events, but we got lucky this time and were able to go. What an inspiring experience! We visited Hoover Dam, went to an amazing show by Cirque de Soleil, and even enjoyed a western BBQ at a ranch. The best part, of course, was hearing from 4Life leaders such as Platinum International Diamonds Juan Rosado and Ángel Molina, and Gold International Diamonds Esdras Cabrera Alberto, Rob Robertson, III, Lilly Sánchez, and Jhonny Aguilar Pinto.

Las Vegas is a city made famous by gambling. We saw many people putting a lot of money down on the chance that they might win. The 4Life distributors who came on the Great Escape+ trip were there because they hadn't relied on chance to build their present and future success. They made a choice to be with a company who also refuses to rely on chance to secure our future and your future.

You will always be able to rely on the science, success, and service of 4Life. And, you can always count on 4Life leaders to help you navigate your path to success. Games of chance may be fun for some, but we know that success with 4Life is not a game. Building a thriving 4Life business can be a win-win experience for everyone.

Some of the 2012 Great Escape+ Trip attendees