Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Gather for Home Meetings

No matter how high-tech the world gets, we believe that nothing can ever really take the place of home meetings. Just like you, we held home meetings in the beginning days of the company to share the power of 4Life products and the financial opportunity with others. Sometimes, we could only count on one hand the number of people who attended!

As we've thought about the importance of home meetings, we have realized that the very act of inviting someone into your home communicates the importance that you place on what you're about to share with your guests. After all, a person's home is his castle, right? When you invite someone into your castle, it means that you sincerely value them and the reason that you asked them to come.

There is also a real magic that occurs when people gather together. Often, the social aspects of visiting with one another are as important as the actual information that is presented. Our Together, Building People philosophy truly comes to life on a personal level during home meetings.

In our home, we have a big sign on the wall that says, "gather." We love the concept and power of gathering together. We hope that you, too, will recognize the power that lies in welcoming people into your home so that you can share your passion about 4Life with them.

Click here to read "Bring Success Home" in the March/April Summit magazine. This article articulates why home meetings are important, how to conduct them, and what marketing tools will help you reinforce the concept. We invite you to email the article, print it out, and post it to your website. And most importantly, gather your group together for home meetings!

The "gather" sign in our home