Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Health and Time Freedom with 4Life

Recently, we spoke with two great members of the 4Life family, International Diamonds Dr. Duane and Joan Townsend. Dr. Townsend is board-certified in gynecology and gynecologic oncology and he is a member of our Health Sciences Advisory Board. Duane and Joan told us that thanks to 4Life, they now enjoy time freedom that they've never had before. In fact, they spent most of February in a warm climate learning how to play golf.

Joan shared with us that playing golf has been a great way to keep in shape and support their health. She expressed that they never would have been able to leave their medical practice for an entire month. But the type of financial freedom they have experienced through building a 4Life business makes trips like this possible. Duane and Joan's gratitude to 4Life brought us so much joy.

Just like the Townsends, 4Life can be your passport to achieving whatever type of freedom you desire— health freedom, financial freedom, time freedom, lifestyle freedom, and more. We'd love to hear your freedom stories! Please send them to

Dr. Duane and Joan Townsend are ready to golf!