Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Spotlight on New Gold International Diamonds Natalya Davydyuk and Odissey Andronikidi

Congratulations to new Gold International Diamonds Natalya Davydyuk and Odissey Andronikidi from Russia! Thank you, Natalya and Odissey, for the tremendous role you've played in the growth and success of 4Life® around the world. Well done!

We got involved in the network marketing industry in 1998 because of a desire to help people, improve the quality of our lives, and discover self-fulfillment. It has helped us achieve freedom! We were introduced to 4Life by Gold International Diamond Aleksey Egorov. Although we had prior experience in the industry, we had never found the right fit. When we learned about 4Life products, we immediately decided to start building a 4Life business.

Our business is based on sharing 4Life Transfer Factor® products and 4Life's excellent compensation plan with others. 4Life is a unique company, and as such, we have unique opportunities to reach new heights with the compensation plan. We are also motivated by the way in which 4Life products have supported our well-being and quality of life.

We share the 4Life message with an attitude of friendship, care, and respect for our new prospects. We work together with endless optimism and a desire to do good deeds. And, we love the family atmosphere that's so important at 4Life. In building a successful business, we believe that it's critical to create professional relationships, never give up, never look back, and always move forward. Never doubt the strength of the products and the compensation plan. Those who aren't sailing forward will never catch the tailwind. Never stop dreaming!

Gold International Diamonds Natalya Davydyuk & Odissey Andronikidi