Wednesday, June 26, 2013

You Ask, We Answer!

Once a month, we answer questions from you, our 4Life® distributors. Stay tuned to the 4Life Research USA Facebook page for your next chance to ask questions!

Hamza Alaoui asks, "How did you come up with the name 4Life?"

When we first started 4Life, we didn't want our message to just be about 4Life Transfer Factor®. We wanted to provide education so that individuals could support their complete health. The number 4 in 4Life represents four areas that every person must address to achieve optimum health: Replenish (food), Reinforce (supplementation), Rejuvenate (exercise), and Reflect (stress management).

We have learned that if you effect positive chance in any of these four areas, it's easier to make positive changes in the other areas. With quality supplementation in the Reinforce area, it becomes easier to begin the road to support your overall health. With 4Life Transfer Factor products, we knew that we could provide powerful support for the Reinforce area of someone's life. By doing so, we hoped that we would empower people to better address the other ares of their lives with better eating habits, more exercise, and positive ways of dealing with stress.

4Life is for you and your individual needs, for all aspects of your life. 4Life is 4 your life!