Friday, September 18, 2009

Another secret ingredient for fantastic health

In the past, we have quoted passages from Outliers: The Story of Success by Malcolm Gladwell. Gladwell tells the story of an extraordinary community in New England whose inhabitants—a community of closely knit Italian immigrant families—enjoyed exceptional physical and mental health for several generations. At first, scientists looked at different aspects of their diet, convinced that there must be a secret ingredient or an omission of something that was contributing to their great health. Although the community members had good dietary habits, scientists did not feel that this was the reason.

So, they looked at exercise and environment next, and came to the same conclusion as before. After looking more closely, scientists determined that the biggest factor contributing to the group's overall well-being was the strong sense of family and community that existed between them. They watched out for one another and one another's children. In the evenings, they sat on their porches and talked to one another. They had a wonderful support group that helped them deal with the stresses of life. They truly were family!

As great as 4Life Transfer Factor® is for our bodies, we also have something else to offer that is equally nourishing. And that is the sense of community and family we feel amongst our 4Life family members. Although we can't sit on our porches and chat each evening, we can connect through meetings, conference calls, e-mails, blogs, and conventions. This is a people business and any way we can connect with and support one another is a great strength to all of us. This sense of family and community is a powerful influence that can greatly contribute to our overall mental and physical health.