Tuesday, September 29, 2009

We need your help!

In our recent blog posts, we've written a lot about the sense of family that 4Life can bring into your life. We are particularly sensitive to this right now since we are living far away from home while serving our mission in Europe.

This week in the news, we all became aware of the devastation in Manila, Philippines. Tropical Storm Ketsana has caused severe flooding in many areas. At least 140 people are confirmed dead, with more than 170,000 families affected and almost 500,000 people displaced due to flooding. Much of the city is still under water, thousands are without power, and major roads are still impassible due to flooding and residual mud.

It is times such as these when the reality of having a 4Life family becomes very important. Many of our 4Life Philippines employees were affected by this disaster. Some of them lost their homes, cars, and all of their personal belongings. Several employees will literally be starting from scratch. Below is a picture of the car of one of the Philippines Finance department employees. We are also currently collecting information on the status of our 4Life distributors in the area.

On Monday, Foundation 4Life® sent an emergency first-response donation of $10,000 to Manila and we expect to participate more as the full impact of the storm reveals itself. Our offices in the region are working to raise money, provide clothing, and assist on a local level. Vice President of Southeast Asia Michael Seet and General Manager of 4Life Research Philippines R. Glenn Ortega are overseeing in-country relief and fundraising events.

If you suffered through the 2007 hurricanes in the Dominican Republic and Mexico, or even if you have experienced your own personal trials, you know how much it means to have 4Life friends all over the world sending their love and support.

If you are in a position to provide financial support to our 4Life distributors and employees in the Philippines, we encourage you to do so. Please visit www.foundation4life.org today to help make an immediate difference in the lives of people desperately in need of our help. This is where Together, Building People® truly comes to fruition. We can offer our help as a company, but it is together that we can make the most difference in the lives of the people in the Philippines.

Thank you, in advance, for your generous support. We're so glad you're part of the 4Life family!