Friday, September 25, 2009


Recently, we learned about a million-dollar-hole-in-one shot that was made at the Mark Eaton Celebrity Golf Classic tournament in Heber, Utah. Why is it that we all love stories such as this? Perhaps it's because even though the chances of winning aren't very high, those "long shots" are still possible. It's this same type of belief that keeps us going after our dreams. When we see others beat the odds it helps keep the dream alive in all of us, doesn't it? What's even more amazing about that story is that the golfer who made the winning putt almost didn't play in the tournament because of a sore wrist!

Many of you know that 4Life has offered a million-dollar-hole-in-one for the past four years at the Champions Challenge golf tournament held in Thanksgiving Point, Utah. This same tournament will be held October 12–13, in conjunction with our Powered by Platinums Leadership Conference. We are really excited at the thought that someone might make the lucky million-dollar shot this year. The great thing about the 4Life opportunity is that it doesn't take luck to turn your dreams into reality. The 4Life products and opportunity are so fantastic that everyone can be a winner when they partner with 4Life to make their dreams come true. At the Leadership Conference, we will hear from Platinum International Diamonds who have done this very thing. We truly wish we could be in attendance. Hopefully, we'll hear that someone at the Champions Challenge golf tournament has won the 4Life million-dollar-hole-in-one!