Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Rise Above!

Recently, we were on an airplane. Before we took off, the airline showed a short video that highlighted the ways in which their company always strives to improve. A statement during the video really made an impression on us. "The thing you push against is the thing that lifts you up." It showed a plane as it raced down the runway and became airborne. We thought about the truth of this statement. Just as an airplane obtains the thrust it needs to become airborne by pushing against the force of the oncoming air, we can also ascend with strength and determination as we face opposition.

There are always things in our lives that provide an opposing force for us to push against. There will always be obstacles in anything good that we try to accomplish. With the recent tragedies in Japan, we have no doubt that the great Japanese people will rise to even greater heights as they face their challenges with courage and faith.

At 4Life, we are all in this together. We all have the opportunity to rise above the daily forces that push against us. Let's remember that it is those very forces that can be the means for us to achieve greatness.