Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Coming Home

We all need to have a place to come home to, don't we? Is there anything sweeter in life than to return to loved ones after a time of absence? We had a chance to be welcomed back to the 4Life Home Office after spending 18 months in Italy serving a mission for our church. We were greeted at the office with the special red carpet treatment that some of you, our distributors, have experienced. It was wonderful! We really felt like we had returned to a family—our 4Life family. Not only were we greeted with warmth and appreciation, but we were excited to see how great the office looked. It was even better than when we left!

The future of 4Life has never been brighter. It is so exciting for us to be back into the everyday details of Together, Building People. So many wonderful things are happening around the world with 4Life. Isn't it interesting how we can sometimes gain a new perspective after being away? We have returned with an even greater enthusiasm and vision for the journey ahead for 4Life and our distributors. We thank you all for making the dream of serving a church mission possible for us. It was an experience we will always cherish. And we are also dedicated to the 4Life mission of Together, Building People. In many ways, we feel like we have only just begun.

It truly is great to come home. There are so many people out there who have yet to find their home. They need to be part of our wonderful 4Life family. Grazie!