Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Spotlight on Gold International Diamonds Juan Vargas & Heidy Rosado

We are excited to celebrate the recent Gold International Diamond achievement of Juan Vargas and Heidy Rosado of Florida, USA. Juan's leadership and vision have helped him reach this great accomplishment. We have no doubt he will continue to help many people achieve their dreams with 4Life. Heidy is a wonderful example of the spirit of 4Life. Her enthusiasm and love for life is making a difference in the lives of people. Congratulations, Juan and Heidy!

I was introduced to 4Life in 2003 after a presentation by Platinum International Diamond Ángel Molina at the home of my friend and sponsor Presidential Diamond Daniel Isai Canales Tirado. I saw that my dreams could become a reality, but I wasn't sure if I could believe it. I decided to sign up because my friend Isai believed in me. He said, "We've searched for success together, and I didn't want to find it and then not tell you about it." That's how I ended up making the decision to join what was an unknown world for me—the world of network marketing.

I have been able to serve as an example for others who believe in themselves and want to reach their full potential. My success is a map for others. I feel a great responsibility being the first Gold International Diamond in central Florida. There are many families that lean on my shoulders with their dreams, hopes, and goals. My commitment is to be a bridge so that all leaders can see a model that they can follow.

I speak to people who are searching for their freedom, but cannot find someone to guide them. I go from home to home, country to country, and person to person to share the message of Together, Building People, and the philosophy of a team that is making a difference in the future of families who want to find success. Being a leader is about staying when others leave, continuing when others quit, dreaming when others stop, and being who you set out to be, even when nobody is looking.

Juan Vargas and Heidy Rosado