Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Humbled to Represent You!

So many of you sent greetings of congratulations for my recent appointment to the Direct Selling Association (DSA) Board of Directors. Thank you! In June, I attended my first board meeting and I was impressed and humbled as I learned of the many "behind the scenes" efforts made on a daily basis by people serving in the DSA.

The DSA works to educate lawmakers and citizens about the benefits of our industry and why one shouldn't dismiss network marketing companies outright as pyramid schemes or scams. I was so impressed with the CEOs and representatives from companies all over the world. I came away from the meeting prouder than ever of our great industry. I also came away with a desire to contribute in any way that I can.

I was touched by the graciousness of leaders of other companies who share things they have learned—in a spirit of generosity rather than competition. They understand that when one of us does well, it is a credit to all of us. 4Life has a very high reputation in the DSA, and many people told me that they admire our company. This gave me the chance to brag about all of you, our amazing distributors. You inspire us to reach for new heights in what we accomplish and who we strive to become. I also felt grateful to Vice President of Communications Calvin Jolley. He has done a wonderful job representing 4Life in DSA endeavors.

I look forward to representing all of you in this assignment and learning and growing in ways that will help us in our worldwide mission of Together, Building People® through science, success, and service.