Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Spotlight on New Gold International Diamonds Nadzrul Salim & Nadirah Ahmad

Congratulations to new Gold International Diamonds Nadzrul Salim and Nadirah Ahmad from Singapore! They understand the power of keeping dreams ever present as you work to build a successful 4Life business. They have achieved great things and we're confident that they're just getting started!

I was introduced to 4Life® in 2007 by my brother, Gold International Diamond Fadzli Salim, and my sister, International Diamond Haffi Yenti Salim. I embarked on this journey due to a lack of job opportunities after graduation. I was inspired by the success my siblings had achieved and the health support provided by 4Life Transfer Factor®.

This journey has been exciting and challenging. I worked hard early to qualify for the President's Club and I was thrilled when I achieved it. My greatest 4Life experience was addressing 8,000 people at the Success Rally during Convention 2012. It was a breathtaking moment for me.

The key to my success is the committed and dedicated leaders on my team. Over the years, our teamwork has strengthened the bond we share, and now, we are more like family members than business partners. With great teamwork, even the impossible can be accomplished. All of my success wouldn't mean anything without the support of my family members and team members.

4Life has helped me accomplish a lot of things in my life. I drive the cars I want and live the life that I want to live. I travel around the globe, thanks to 4Life. My wife and I even traveled to Europe last year. It was an unforgettable experience!

When you stay close to your dreams, you have a powerful motivator to make changes in your life. When you start to accomplish your dreams, your life takes on a joy that makes the simple sacrifices worth it. Without dreams, life would be filled with empty directives. Never be afraid to dream, and never allow anyone to take your dreams away from you. They're the stepping stones to success!

Gold International Diamonds Nadzrul Salim & Nadirah Ahmad